BUFF Originals is a Black British owned Film and TV development, production and distribution company, focusing on films with strong black leads in-front of and behind the camera. Our stories explore premium urban fables, fantasy and future through an unapologetic black lens. We welcome submissions from black writers and producers primarily of all genders and diverse distinctions. We also open our doors to non-black producers and writers who bring us projects with strong black leads and/or multi-ethnic worlds, reflecting the true diversity of our modern universe. All genres welcome.
From Q3 2021 onwards we will not be taking on any low budget film projects (with a budget lower than $7m). 
We are not interested in black-centred trauma based narratives, senseless poverty and crime projects or white-saviour stories.
With no more than 10 projects in development we can focus on each project from concept to release. We aim to produce upto 4 films per year and 1 TV series with budgets of $7m+ unless we believe the project has a serious commercial potential. Our distribution strategy 150+ short and feature length festival films distributed, BUFF Originals is the evolution of BUFF festival which started in 2005 as an cinematic exhibitor and now aggregates globally via our VOD partners including Apple TV.

BUFF Originals is a UK film and video content acquirer, distributor and production company, specialising in the sale of rights for urban and independent films for theatrical release, TV,VOD, SVOD, AVOD and festivals across the UK, the EU, USA and internationally.

BUFF Originals is a subsidiary of The British Urban Film Festival, our sister company and we look for talent primarily from our festival alumni first when casting for talent and hiring crew before approaching our broad global networks.

Apple TV – 80 films distributed to Apple TV as part of the BUFF festival 2020 programme. An additional 25 films distributed to Apple TV by BUFF in May 2021 (full listing in our distribution page)

Pivot TV – new Black owned British platform launched with 20 officially selected BUFF Festival Shorts and Docs (see above gallery for catalogue)